SAS-680LP is the best recommended Wave soldering machine model, designed to be compliant to Lead-free condition perfectly. It provides user oriented interface by operating program on Windows XP. It is proved to perform excellent soldering at big sized PCB assembly line especially.

SAS-680LTP is the lead-free Wave soldering machine model; with easy operation and control as well as SAS-680LP PC controlled type. Excellent performance and user focused interface can improve productivity and efficiency at work.

SAS-680L is the most famous Wave soldering machine model; designed to be compliant to Lead-free condition perfectly. And SAS-680L is the best seller model, has been recognized for its best performance and reliability at work.

SAS-620 is Wave soldering machine available for PCB size up to max. 300mm. And the model can perform high soldering quality. The preheating function of 2 zones and special designed wave nozzle in solder pot ensure the best soldering performance.

SAS-550 is Wave soldering machine model, soldering lead wires by high wave. It shows the best soldering performance and available for high yield production line. Well and minute controlled wave flow enables optimal soldering at work.

SAS-561 is DIP type Wave soldering machine model, available for lead wire length up to 40 mm.
It meets optimal soldering conditions by reversing up/down of inclined conveyor. Wave flow in solder pot keeps melted solder surface clean, and there is no thermal difference in melted solder liquid.

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