SRS-2000 series air models are Reflow Oven System designed and manufactured compliant to Lead-free condition perfectly. SRS-2000 model adapted SolMach unique and patented heating method, and is known as the best Reflow Oven with its performance and reliability at work. The series are classified further based on number of heating zones (5/7/8/9), in order to choose the adequate Reflow model depending on various condition of customer production lines.

SRS-2000 series N2 models are nitrogen type Reflow Oven System coping with customers' demands for zero defect, high quality as well as high yield. They are customized with Nitrogen option, designed and manufactured on the same preheat format of SolMach with air models. Purge system available for extensive nitrogen gas enables SolMach N2 Reflow Oven System to ensure high quality, maximum performance and reliability at SMD production line.

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